Luis A. Rivera

Anti Pain Cream does it once more

"My name is Luis Alberto Rivera and I am 58 years old. I work as a" caregiver " at an asylum and several houses. In the beginning of 2017, I hurted my back as I force myself because several patients are already" bedded." A pharmacist recommended to me the ointment for muscle pain. The remedy was effective and the pain didn't bother me anymore. I was able to work without pain. It didn't have side effects like some known pills. As a matter of fact, I have a very active lifestyle because since I belong to the Borinquen Runners and what was left over from the ointment I use it in the 10K "Abraham Rosa" on May 28 and I ran without any discomfort. I am a member of the YMCA too,  where I use the gym and pool regularly and also a volunteer lifeguard on Escambron beach 30 years ago. I have seen many injuries in colleagues and I recommended the ointment.

Angela Arroyo

President of A Marketing Solutions

"After two pregnancies, I gained 50 to 70 pounds and my back started to hurt more than ever. I have used different creams to help with the pain, but not of them has been as efective as Go Life's Anti Pain Cream. In just minutes I felt relieved. Now I recomend it to everyone. "


Rafael Torres

Carolina, Puerto Rico

"I used to wake up with a lot of pain in my hands. Since I use Go Life products, I feel a great improvement in my hands." 

Carmelo Báez Vázquez

Gurabo. Puerto Rico

"I testify that GO Life's Anti Pain Cream helped me to do my job as security guard, where I have to be standing for 8 hours."


Candie Panet

Hollywood, Florida

"This products are awesome. Since I moved to United States, my allergies got worse and suffered from cold and flu constantly, which then turned into asthma. I had to start taking maintenance drugs, which I have never done. When I was introduced to these products, I started using the Anti Pain Cream. Every-time I had an asthma episode, I rubbed the cream on my back and felt much better.  I could even sleep at night without coughing. I started using the oil of graviola 3 weeks ago and immediately saw a difference on my hair, skin and nails. Those changes have been so remarkable, that people ask me what has changed. Now they are a must on my beauty routine. I am so happy with this products, that I even give them to people I care about on specials occasions. I recommended it !"

Emily Rivera

San Juan, Puerto Rico

"I am 17 years old and I practice karate, dancing and play soccer. Recently I hurt my lower back and I used the Anti Pain Cream. It helped me immensely to be able to continue with my trainings. Thanksto GO Life for their product. "


Madeline Segarra

Utuado, Puerto Rico

"On the Ponce Beauty Show, someone applied the cream to my upper back and in less than 15 minutes the pain dissappeared. I use the cream in the head area and the pain goes away in 15 to 20 minutes. I have used it several times with my clients and their pains dissappear. Therefore, I feel capable to sell the products, because they work. I feel happy ! "

Fernando Rivera

Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

" Once I started walking, I felt pain on my arm and chest, as if I were to have a heart attack. After 2 laps on the park, then I could really start walking. After using Go Life for three days, I can walk without pain."

Gina Martinez

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

" Greetings! I would like to share with you my personal testimony about Go Life products. I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis 8 years ago approximately. In addition, I developed a chronic gastritis due to all the medication I was using. Two weeks ago my father who lives in Puerto Rico, told me about this products. I though about it for several days, but finally decided to give it a try. One week ago, I received the Anti Pain Cream and graviola oil. The joint and muscle pain was awful, specially with the climate changes over here. I was so desperate that I was willing to try any product that I hear that works. Immediately after receiving the products, I started using them with a lot of faith that they will help me. Let me tell you that cream worked spectacularly ! Without a doubt is WONDERFUL !!! During this week I have been sleeping like never before! The relief is almost immediate and lets me sleep all night and wake up rested. Also, I want to mention that the graviola oil had improved significantly other health conditions such as insomnia and gastritis, among others. I could not be more thankful to get to know this products and very satisfied with the results."

Carmen I. Gonzalez

Winter Haven, Florida

"I am 84 years old and I suffer from arthritis. My doctor told me that my bones are weak and I had awful days. For 2 weeks, I had been sleeping seated because of the pain. When my son send me the pain cream, that same night I could sleep lying down until 8:00 am. I always carry it with me since then."

Nilda Santana

Gurabo, Puerto Rico

"Using Go Life products has been an extraordinary experience, when after 1 week of been using it the pain on my hand joints dissappear. I told my friends and family, and they are planning to acquire the product. I thank God and this product because I became functional again. God bless you all !. "

Nydia Vigil

San Juan, Puerto Rico

"The cream is wonderful. I have fibromamyalgia and diabetic neuropathy, so I always have a lot of pain and it is difficult to star my day. Thanks to the Anti Pain Cream, I wake up relieved and can start my day faster."










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