Meet our Naturopaths

Evelyn Rodriguez and Eduardo Rivera

Their story begins after Eduardo suffered several gastrointestinal problems and chronic migraine, for which they did not find a cure in traditional medicine. As a consecuence, both had their first experiences with alternative medicine and became so passionate about naturism, that decided to devote themselves to study and practice this doctrine. Since 1979, they participated in numerous conferences in countries like Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, United States, among others, searching to acquire more knowledge and experience in this field. As students of the Panamerican University The Seminary College School of Naturopathic Medicine, Instituto of Vida Natural Maranatha and the Instituto del Dr. Londoño, they were educated by prominent naturopaths in the field, such as Dra. Carmen Colon De Jorge and Dr . Londoño. 


In 1980, Super Energy Health Food Center was founded, located on Avenida Ramón Luis Rivera in Bayamon. This concept was so successful that Evelyn (at that time regent pharmaceutical for the State Insurance Fund) quit her job and began in the business. With 36 years of experience, this pair of naturopaths have helped a wide variety of patients of all ages and a full range of  conditions.



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