Anti Pain Cream

Analgesic Cream with Emu Oil and Arnica

4 oz & 8 oz

The emu is the largest bird native to Australia and the second largest bird in the world, behind the ostrich. In Australia there are enormous emu farms where the emu is bred for meat, oil and leather. Since ancient times aboriginal tribes used emu oil for medicinal purposes given its anti-inflamatory virtues when rubbed onto painful joints. Also is commonly used across the world mainly for sports injuries but also arthritis.


Among the components that are highlighted in emu oil are: essential fatty acids, linoleic omega 3 and 6 (first recognized as an antinflammatory and the second as a reducing premature wrinkles) and oleic omega 9 (which facilitates the absorption of the epidermis).

Arnica is a herbaceous plant of the daisy family, whose flowers, roots and rhizomes are used for medicinal purposes.

Its components give this herb analgesic, rubefacient (stimulates blood circulation in the area where it is applied, thus reducing bruising), anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial and vulnerary (helps wound healing).

Our Anti Pain Cream is a powerful analgesic cream that combines the properties of emu oil and arnica. The Anti Pain Cream has become the favorite of our clients, because it eases the pain in minutes, in most cases. Available in sizes of 4 ounces and 8 ounces.

Health professionals called it "the magical cream".


Uses: muscle aches, joints pains, bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, injuries in athletes, post-surgical pain, pain in neck and back pain in the sciatic nerve, ligament injuries, chest congestion pain and chronic cough, headaches, among others.


Say goodbye to pain ! 
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Contraindications: Aspirin allergy and/or salycilates derivatives. Not intended for children under 12 years old. 

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